Why isn't an applicant field appearing as an option when creating a rule?

When creating rule stages, you'll first want to make sure that Fountain has a record of the question/answer field you'd like to use for the rule.

For example, let's say I added a new question to my position form:

To create a rule stage using this question, I'll need to submit a test position form answering the question:

Once the position form comes into Fountain with the new question/test response, I can select the question as a field to create a rule stage:

Please note that this also applies to Typeform and Wufoo, so if you've added a new question to your form and wish to use it for a rule stage, you'll need to send in a test application form in order to see the question in the dropdown.

For more information on how rule stages work, please see here. If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com.

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