Smart Sort

The team at Fountain is happy to announce Smart Sort - an intelligent way to prioritize applicants. Smart Sort automatically ranks your applicants so you can engage with the best applicants first.


How is Smart Sort calculated?

The key insight used to measure Smart Sort is the applicant’s “velocity” through the funnel (e.g. frequency of stage transitions and every other interactions) as a predictor of whether they will eventually be approved or not. These “velocity” measurements are what power Smart Sort. If their velocity passes a favorable threshold, they are marked as ‘best match’.


How should this impact my day-to-day in Fountain?

Smart sort helps you prioritize applicants, especially if you have a high volume of applicants that you need to review. Smart Sort does not imply that those without a Best Match label are unqualified candidates and you should always review each applicant regardless of best match label or not. It is simply a prioritization tool!



How can I disable Smart Sort?

To disable sorting by Smart Sort, simply select the "sort" button and select 'Longest Idle Time' or 'Most Recently Active'. 


If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at

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