If you're noticing that some of your messages are being marked as "Undelivered", chances are you may have received a carrier violation. If you encounter a carrier violation, you should consider adding more numbers and enabling Smart Routing. As a general rule of thumb, we strongly recommend that you have at minimum 1 number per Location, plus one number per 30,000 message segments sent per month.

What's Covered


What causes a violation?

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If you send more than 1,000 SMS messages per day per location, there is a possibility that carriers will flag your messages as spam causing the message to be undelivered. Carriers do not advertise how their spam filters work to avoid reverse engineering. There are also a number of other factors that could contribute to receiving a carrier violation. 

  • Your applicants complained to their carrier that they were receiving unwanted messages.
  • Carriers are filtering your messages because the volume of messages you are sending from each standard number it too large.
  • You are sending similar or identical content from a long code to many multiple numbers within a short period time.
  • You have multiple Openings in each Location that are sending messages in quick succession from the same number to different numbers.


Scenarios at risk of a carrier violation

If you have 15 Openings in one Location and they're all using the same phone number to send messages there is a chance that your number could be flagged as spam by the carriers resulting in undelivered messages. Conversely, if you have 1 Opening in a Location, but you send out 5,000 messages in a day in that Location, you also run the risk of the carrier flagging your messages as spam.


Smart Routing

Smart Routing will automatically rotate through all of your numbers to avoid a single number from being used in excess and causing the carrier to flag these messages as spam. Smart Routing chooses the best number based on what country the recipient is in and how many SMS messages the number has sent. That number is then assigned to the applicant, and sticks with them throughout the process (unless it is deleted). There is no additional charge to enable this feature.


Amount of numbers you need with Smart Routing enabled

As mentioned, we suggest that you have at least one number per Location, plus 1 number for every 30,000 messages you send per month, and a few buffer numbers. If you have 40 locations and sent 300,000 message segments per month, you should have 40 numbers + 10 numbers, for a total of 50 numbers.

Buffer numbers are recommended, as your actual rate of sending SMS may ebb and flow based on applicant numbers and communication with your applicants can be affected.

Pricing for additional numbers can be found on the Pricing tab of your SMS page in Company Settings.


Short Codes

For extremely high volumes of messaging Fountain offers short codes. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in purchasing a short code for your messaging.


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