Recurring Background Checks

After you hire applicants via Fountain, you can request background checks to be performed on the workers on a recurring basis.

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Using Recurring Background Checks

For workers that have already been approved and are in Posthire when the recurring check rule is added:

If the rule frequency is set to an amount of time that exceeds the workers idle time in Posthire one of two things will happen (this will take into consideration their idle time in Posthire).

  1. If the worker already consented, the recurring background check will be requested on the next day at 8am.
  2. If the worker didn’t consent earlier, the background check run will be delayed by 10 days, and they will be requested to consent.

Consent Request

As a general rule of thumb with recurring background checks, consent will always be requested 10 days before the run. 

Adding a New Recurring Background Check

  1. Select Posthire located in the top menu bar.

  2. Go to Recurring Checks at the top of the page and click on Background Checks on the left-hand side.

  3. Select the blue Add Rule button.
  4. From here, you'll be asked to complete some fields to create a new rule:

  5. All of these fields are required in order for you to create a new recurring data collection check:
    • Name of the Recurring Background Check under Check Name
    • Workers
      • From: the opening(s) you'd like the recurring check to apply to
      • Select the type of Checkr report you would like to run in Report Type
    • Frequency
      • Select how long you want the background check cadence to be
  6. Select Next. Fill out the following fields.
    • Background check message to send the applicant with the consent request.
      • Select when you want to remind the applicants with recurring checks to fill out the consent form before its expiration
    • If collection fails,
      • Do nothing - best for if you'd like to take any manual actions on your end
      • Deactivate worker - this will deactivate the worker in Posthire (red dot next to his/her avatar in the worker table)
  7. Select Save, and you're set!
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