When do recurring background checks run in Posthire?

Posthire Recurring Background Checks

For workers that have already been approved and are in Posthire at the time that the recurring check rule is added:

If the rule frequency is set to an amount of time that exceeds the workers idle time in Posthire one of two things will happen (this will take into consideration their idle time in Posthire)

1. If the worker already consented, the recurring background check will be requested on the next day at 8am.

2. If the worker didn’t consent earlier, the background check run will be delayed by 10 days, and they will be requested to consent.

For new workers added to Approved (That show in Posthire) after the recurring background check rule has been applied:

The first background check will run according to the frequency established in the rule according to the workers idle time in Posthire. 

The subsequent background checks will run according to the frequency from the date of the last check closed.

As a general rule of thumb with recurring background checks, consent will always be requested 10 days before the run. 

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at support@fountain.com.

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