End User Training Module 1: Key Terms & Account Setup



The following key terms will be used during all training modules as well as within Fountain and might be helpful to keep somewhere as a reference:


A workflow is your entire hiring process from applying to hiring. Your workflow is designed by you and is made up of each individual step an applicant must go through as they advance through your hiring process.


A workflow consists of multiple stages, with each stage being a single step in your hiring process. Examples of stages include a scheduler stage, a background check stage, or a paperwork stage.


A session is any scheduled event booked in a Scheduler Stage. Examples include Interviews, Trainings and Orientations.


Together, a Position and Location make an Opening, which you can think of as a job opening that you are hiring for. So, when creating a new Opening, if you select the Position as "Delivery Driver" and your Location as "San Francisco," your Opening would be "San Francisco - Delivery Driver."


A Location determines an Opening's: Address, Country, Time Zone, Language, Brand, SMS Number


A Position is essentially a job type or template to use for Openings. A Position determines the Opening's: Position Description, Position Requirements, and Application Form


The Opening Owner is usually the hiring manager that oversees the hiring process for a select Opening. When an applicant responds to any automated message or text, it will be sent to the Opening Owner.


Module 1 - Getting started: Setting up your profile & personal settings

This module will teach you the basic setup so that you can start interacting with candidates and automate your interview scheduler.

By the end of this module you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your user preferences
  • Add a personal signature
  • Connect to your calendar

Your user profile is where you can control your email, password, and time zone preferences. You can sync your work calendar or a shared calendar, and enable notifications for various events. Follow the steps below to set up your user account:



  1. Follow the link you received in your email invitation to Fountain. If you haven’t received this, contact your Fountain Admin and have them resend the link.
  2. Hover over your name in the top right corner and click on My Profile
  3. Verify Name, Email, and Time Zone are correct.
  4. Add a signature (this can be used when sending emails to applicants). Click Save.
  5. Select your Notification Settings and click Update Settings.
  6. Click Connect to sync your calendar.
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