Module 3: The Applicant Table

As a recruiter, you might have hundreds of applicants to manage at any given time. The Applicant Table sorts applicants based on their current status and provides an easy way to view and organize all of your applicants in one place.


The Applicant Table provides a view of your entire hiring process. You can scroll across different stages to see current applicants in it. Simply click the stage boxes at the top of the Applicant Table to toggle between different stages.


Within the Applicant Table, labels are useful indicators of the progress within a stage. All stages with automated actions have their own labels. Read more about labels here.

The Applicant Table is where you’ll spend most of your time in Fountain. See who is in each stage by clicking on different stage boxes:


Take various actions such as:

  • Advance an applicant to a different stage



  • Add columns



  • Sort applicants



  • Bulk move applicants          Module_3_-_Applicant_Table_6.png


Use the search option if you are trying to find a specific applicant:


Here are some of the key functions of the Applicant Table:


A.  Access the Applicant Table

B.  View reports and analytics

C.  Search applicants within the opening

D.  Select the job opening to view it's applicants

E.  Use Filters to look for applicants that meet specific criteria

F.  Select a stage to view applicants within that stage

G.  Use Bulk Actions to move applicants from one opening or stage to another

H.  Add columns

I.    Review applicant status


Test yourself:

Let’s say you reviewed an application and want to move the applicant to another stage to continue the hiring process. How would you do this?



  1. Go to the Applicant Table
  2. Select a test applicant (Click here to create a test applicant)
  3. Select the blue Move to button
  4. Select the stage to move the applicant to




Additional Resources:
Customizing your applicant table: filters

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