Module 4: View an Individual Applicant Profile

As a recruiter, it’s important that all information about an applicant lives in one place. The Applicant Profile provides an organized view of each applicant’s information and a log of all activities and correspondence with that applicant.

You can use the Applicant Profile to see:

  • Their application and questionnaire responses, their current status, and any recruiter added notes.                                 


  • A history of their activity in Fountain. The maximum lookback period is two years.Module_4_-_View_Individual_Applicant_2.png
  • Uploaded files (i.e. Drivers License)Module_4_-_View_Individual_Applicant_3.png


You can also update their information and contact them directly through the Applicant Profile.


Additional details and actions in the Applicant Profile:



A.  Number of duplicate applications

B.  Additional way to access applicant’s uploaded documents

C.  Ability for recruiter or Hiring Manager to add a note about the applicant or can be used for internal communication between team members

D.  Ability to move the applicant to the next stage, reject the applicant, or access more actions such as move the applicant to another stage

E.  Send an SMS to the applicant



Learn more: The Applicant Profile


Test yourself:

Let’s say you try calling an applicant and want to make a note that they did not pick up. How would you do this?


  1. Click on the test applicant created in the previous module (or create a new one)
  2. Write a note in the notes section “called but no answer” 



Across your workflow, there will be a few areas where you need to determine if an applicant is qualified to pass to the next stage or if they need to be rejected. This module will show you how to move an applicant across your workflow.


Each applicant has an Actions menu next to their name to take various actions such as advancing them to the next stage or sending them an email. The Actions menu can be accessed by clicking the … button next to the applicant’s name.



Read more here: How to perform actions on applicants 

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