Module 5: Schedule Interviews with Applicants

By the end of this module you’ll be able to:

  • Add availability to your calendar for applicant interviews
  • View scheduled applicants and mark attendance
  • Pass Applicants through to next stage or Reject Applicants

Interview scheduling is managed by Fountain and automates applicant booking. The only requirement on your end is to add availability for when you’d like to schedule interviews. Applicants that make it to an interview stage are automatically notified to select a timeslot. Once an applicant confirms a time, this booked session will appear in your sessions page. It will also automatically update the calendar you have synced (e.g. gmail, outlook).  

On the day of an interview, you can log into your account and see a list of everyone scheduled,



as well as quick links to view resumes and take internal notes.


You’ll also track attendance and decide the next steps (i.e. send a rejected email or move to the next stage).



Part 1:  Calendar Availability




Booked sessions will change shade and you’ll see the applicant name for each booked slot. If you want to view specific users and job openings, use the left menu to filter your calendar.


Independent Exercise: Add availability to your calendar - as applicants move to the interview stage, they will be able to select an interview slot once you have it in your Fountain calendar.

  1. Click on Sessions
  2. Click on Calendar Availability
  3. Click on Add Availability
  4. Select the job opening by clicking Make Available for.
  5. Fill out each field:
    Date - select today’s date
    Start - use current time
    End -  duration should be 4 hours
    Max Attendees - select 2
    Repeat - select daily
    Days/Weeks - select 2
    Split Into - select 4

You should see four events on each day with the capacity for two applicants to attend.

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Part 2:  Scheduled Sessions

Once you have added your availability, applicants can select a slot and automatically book to your calendar. You can see who has booked a slot with you from the Scheduled Sessions page. Select Upcoming to see who has booked an interview in the future.


On the day of the interview, use the sessions page to take notes on applicants, keep their resume and information handy, and mark attendance. If an applicant attends a session make sure to select YES. If they don’t show, select NO to trigger an automated reschedule message and allow them to select a new time slot.


Try it out:

  1. Go to the Sessions Page
  2. Select Scheduled Sessions
  3. Find your test applicant
  4. Mark that they attended by selecting YES
    *Note: select NO to trigger a rescheduler message
  5. Move them to the next stage through the actions dropdown

Go to the applicant table and you should see that your test applicant advanced from the scheduler stage.

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