If you want to remove applicant information, you can do so on the applicant profile.

Note: Applicant Field

Keep in mind that this will not remove the field from the applicant's profile. Instead, this action will clear the value out of the applicant profile. If you'd like to edit the value, you can click on the edit icon to the left of the red "x".

When you click on the red "x," a confirmation box will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion of this field's value.


Here's an example of how to do this:



As you see in the example, when we deleted the field, the value was removed, and the field was moved into the "empty fields" portion of the applicant's profile.

Warning: Deleting Applicant Information

Once you delete a field's value from an applicants profile, there is no way to restore the information that was deleted; you'll have to manually re-enter this information. Please be sure to only delete a field's value if you're positive you won't need the information or the information is incorrect.

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