New Feature: Adding Merge Keys to a Document Signing Template

Inserting merge keys into a document signing template

With this new feature we've added, you can now insert merge keys into a document signing template input this information for you making the process simpler and much quicker!
This means that you can turn a document signing template that requires a bunch of information to be manually input by either an applicant or a hiring manager into a simple pre-filled out form with unique data that just requires a signature.

This will turn this:


Into this:

As you can see, the applicants name, and the pay rate were pre-filled so all the applicant has to do is sign.

What keys can I add to my document signing template?

You can add any custom merge key that is available to you, as well as any standard key to a document signing template! This includes things like Applicant Name, Address, Phone Number, Date Of Birth, answers to questions you've asked in your Application form or Data Collection stages.

How to add merge keys to your document signing templates

You'll need to navigate to your company settings, and "Document Signing" under "Add-ons". Locate the template you'd like to add merge keys to, click on "Edit template". From there you'll have the ability to add a "Textbox" that will contain a merge key. 

By default, any old signature templates will have the following merge keys available: Applicant Email, Applicant Name, and Applicant Phone Number. Make sure the "Who fills this out is left as "Fountain (when sending)". 
If you'd like to add any other merge keys to old templates (templates that were created prior to having the ability to add merge keys) or if you're adding a new template, you'll need to create a brand new template and follow the steps listed below. 

Step-by-step instructions for new templates

  1. Navigate to your company settings. 
  2. Click on "Document Signing" under "Add-ons" and click on "Create Template"
  3. Fill out the required information, add the template image, and select the merge keys you'd like to add to this template. 
  4. Click on "Prepare Template". 
  5. From there you can add a textbox and select the merge key from the "What text goes here" dropdown. Make sure to leave the "Who fills this out?" set to "Fountain (when sending)"
  6. You signature template should look like this:Which will appear to the applicant like this: 
That's it! 
If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at
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