Approve File and Document Upload Label


This feature allows you to mark documents as approved as a way to help with an audit trail and will also give you a more visual display of the status of applicants' uploads.

Here's a quick breakdown of how this works:

  1. An applicant uploads documents/files in a data collection stage.
  2. A user reviews files in the applicant profile and marks files as 'Approved':
  3. You're done! If you do not approve the files, you'll need to click on 'Re-collect File'.
  4. If you choose to recollect a file, users will not be able to mark the file as approved until the applicant resubmits.
  5. If the user chooses to recollect an approved file, approval status will revert to unapproved.
  6. A global label will appear on the applicant table - "X/Y Documents Approved".

The new label is "X/X Documents Approved".

When you click on "Approve" in the applicant profile, the "X/X Documents Approved" will change from red to green and display the number of documents that were approved. 

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