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If you're unsure which Opening an applicant is in, locating them in Posthire can be tricky. We've now added a feature that allows you to search for an applicant in Fountain, and launch his/her Posthire "Worker Profile" directly from the applicant's profile. 

To start, simply search for the applicant in Fountain using the magnifying glass in the upper right:


To load the applicant's worker profile, you will click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu, and click on "Worker Profile".


This will take you directly to Posthire where you can then perform whatever action you need to with the worker. 

Please note, this works only to load the specific worker in Posthire. If you'd like to view the rest of your workers in Posthire, you'll need to open a new tab and navigate back to the Posthire page. 

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