New Feature: Create Test Applicant Button

Creating A Test Applicant

We released a new feature that will show up on the Applicant Table for users that have the permissions to add/manage applicants, called "Create Test Applicant". 


This button allows you to test your workflow from an applicant's point of view. 

Clicking this button will actually create a temporary "hidden" applicant using the email address associated with your Fountain account and an invalid phone number. These test applicants are automatically deleted after 3 hours. This will also trigger any stage messages you have set up, although the SMS messages will not go through since the phone number is not valid. (If you'd like to test your SMS messages, you'll have to add a test applicant through the dashboard by following the steps here or by using the application form).

If for whatever reason you'd like to view the profile for these applicants, you can search in Fountain for your email address. 

Please note: these 'test' applicants will show up in the count for "Applicants in Process," but will be removed once they have been deleted.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to send us an email at


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