Message Templates For File Recollection


With this feature, you can now add customized templates for file recollection. This feature is useful if you'd like to add a custom touch to your recollection messages, or if you would like to add a message in another language.

What's Covered



In order to use a template on file recollections, you'll first need to set up a File Recollection template in your message templates.

  1. To add a file recollection message template, navigate to your Message Templates under Company Settings.
  2. From there, click on Add Template.
  3. Name the template, and choose File Recollection as the template type.
  4. Click on Edit Email or Add SMS and compose your message.

    Merge Keys

    When composing your email/SMS, please note that the message must contain either the [PORTAL_UPLOAD_REQUEST_LINK] (email only) or [PORTAL_UPLOAD_REQUEST_URL] (email and SMS) merge keys. For more information about merge keys, click here.

  5. Click Save Message and then click Save Template.


Using the Template

  1. To recollect a file using this template, click on Re-collect File on the applicant's profile.
  2. To use the templates, select the "Custom" reason in the "Recollection Reason" dropdown menu
  3. Once you've selected the custom reason a new box will appear "Use Message template (Optional)"
  4. From there you can choose your message template from the dropdown menu
  5. Click on the name of the message template you'd like to use and the template will apply and you'll be able to preview the message prior to sending. From there you can click send 
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