Add/Edit/Deactivate Team Members

Invite other team members to help with the hiring. You can give them access to all your locations or limit access to a few.

Add Team Member

  1. Make sure you're in the brand that the Team member will be under. To switch brands, clicking on the logo/brand name on the top left. (Skip if your account only has one brand)
  2. Click on Team tab on the left sidebar
  3. Click + Add Member 
  4. Fill in the information and select the brand location(s) this member you want them to be added to
  5. Click Invite Member


Team members can only manage and edit the jobs within the location you have assigned them. They will not be able to see other locations not assigned. Only the Admin can manage multi-brands. If you have a member who will be managing multiple brands, you will have to add them multiple times, once for each brand. 


Edit Team Member

Under the Team tab, you can edit a team member's name and location they are assigned to. 

Click on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-29_at_2.39.54_PM.png next to the team member. Make your changes and click Update.

Here you can also Deactivate a team member if you would no longer like them to have access to the brand's hiring funnel. 

Alternative Way

The option above shows you how to add locations to members. If you prefer to add members to the location you can do so by going to the Location tab.

  1. Navigate to the Brand you want to add the team member to by clicking on the Company/Brand's logo on the top left (skip if you only have one brand).
  2. Click on Location on the left sidebar.
  3. Next to the location, click on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-29_at_2.39.54_PM.png for the location you would like to add a member to. 
  4. Click the  drop down under Assign Manager.
  5. Check the boxes for all the members you wish to add to this location. 
  6. Click Save.
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