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Now that you have Added and published your Job(s), you are ready to begin receiving applicants. When you start to receive applicants, it's time to start screening them! Every Job has 4 stages in the screening process. 


1) Applications

Every applicant who has started their application but has not yet answered all the application questions will be shown in this stage.

If you do not have the Automated Scheduling turned on, applicants who have completed your application will also remain in this stage until manually moved to the next stage.

Note: In Fountain, you can automate reminders via email and SMS to re-engage the applicant and link the applicant back to your application. In addition, you can reach out using SMS or email to remind them to complete their application form. 

2) Interviews

These are applicants who have filled out the Job Application Form and have scheduled a time for interview using the Automated Scheduler. Click on the applicant name to see the information they have provided. This includes all of their answers to the application questions and their contact information. Once they are in this stage, you can follow up with the candidate and schedule an interview (depending on your hiring process).

Once you have interviewed and approved a candidate, you can move the applicant to the Checks stage.

3) Checks

The Checks stage is intended for companies that conduct background checks, references or any other validations required for their roles. This stage is to help your team organize your applicants who are in the process of these checks. If you do not need to run any checks on employees, simply move them to the Hired stage.

4) Hired

This is after you have conducted all of your screening and have decided to hire the applicant! Fountain keeps hired candidates here so you can access all of the information gathered during the application process. 


Learn More

See the article on Managing Applicants for more information about screening and rejecting applicants. 


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