Hiring for multiple locations with multiple jobs can be challenging. Fountain makes it easy by organizing each job under a single location. You already added your first location during sign-up; Let's explore how to add additional locations.


Add Location

  1. Make sure you're in the 'Brand' that the location will be under. To switch 'Brands', click on the logo/brand name on the top left. (Skip if your account only has one 'Brand'.)
  2. Click on Locations in the left sidebar.
  3. Click + Add Location on the top right.
  4. Enter the address and location name for the new location.
  5. Assign a member of your team, if you like. 
  6. Click Add to confirm. 


Utilize store numbers, cities, or a combination of the two when naming your 'Locations'. Keep this naming format consistent, especially when you have many locations.


Edit Location 

Click on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-29_at_2.39.54_PM.pngnext to the location to make changes. Click Save to save your changes. 


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