Now that the job is ready, it's time to test how it would look like to apply to your job as an applicant. This is a good way familiarize with the applicant experience and opportunity to do a final review and make tweaks. 


Test Applying

Copy the Job URL into a web browser. You can find the job URL on the right section of the job.  To navigate to the job, click Hire on the left menu bar and then select the job you would like to view. Don't forget to change to the right brand from the top left corner. 


Test Thoroughly

A good practice for testing is to test all the potential applicants you encounter. Try answering "no" to some requirement questions and see how Fountain routes them. You can also try entering bad emails or phone numbers just so you can familiarize yourself.   


Applicant Experience

The Apply Page shows detailed information about the job. You can update this in Edit Job Details.



Sample Application Form

Applicants who qualify for the job will be able to complete the Application Form.



Delete Test Applicants

After doing your test, you might want to delete the text applicants you created.  

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