Introduction to Fountain

What Can Fountain Do?

Fountain is an applicant screening software that simplifies, automates and streamlines the recruitment and hiring process. The software enables the client to customize the workflow, filter candidates and reduce redundant tasks for an optimal experience.

Here are a few ways Fountain can help automate and scale your operations.

Automate  Screen Onboard Scale

Decrease your team's workload and touchpoints with:

  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Rules that move applicants based on predetermined criteria
  • Rules that move applicants based on idle time

Features and Buttons

Following are some of the buttons and features mentioned in the Navigating Fountain and Admin & User training videos.

Openings Page
View all Openings on this page. Note that inactive Openings are still active - they are simply hidden from the Jobs Directory. Learn more here.
Applicant Table
View all Applicants within a select Opening. Perform individual or bulk Applicant actions such as moving them to another stage, approving or rejecting them, requesting a document, etc. Learn more here.
Applicant Profile
The Applicant Profile holds all information on a given Applicant, including answers to questions, uploaded documents, their timestamped history, their BGC status, etc. Learn more here.
View trends like Applicant volume, conversion rate, scheduler show-rate, etc. 
Company Settings
Customize your account, manage integrations, invite Users, access advanced settings, etc. 
View all past and upcoming scheduled sessions. Learn more here.
View and reply to all Applicant SMS messages. Emails are managed from inbox. Learn more here.

Where to Begin

The Getting Started section describes vital steps required when the user initially creates the opening and its corresponding workflow. Once this has been developed, the other Using Fountain sections can be used for a deeper dive into creating openings, managing applicants, integrations, analytics, advanced features, etc.


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