What Can Fountain Do

Fountain is a hiring software platform built to scale your hiring needs by streamlining onboarding tasks and automating follow-ups. You can customize your hiring workflow to help you tackle the many challenges in the hiring process. Here are some ways Fountain can help you automate, screen, onboard, and scale.

Automate  Screen Onboard Scale

Decrease your team's workload and touch points with:

  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Logic rules to move applicants
  • Automatically move applicants by idle time

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How Fountain is Structured

Each job you're recruiting for should be set up as an Opening in Fountain. Having one Opening for each unique Position and Location combination allows you to have different workflows for each, where the hiring requirements/steps may differ. For example, if you're hiring for a driver (Position) in San Francisco (Location) and a driver in New York, two separate Openings allow the flexibility to list different pay rates, ask different questions, run different background checks, etc.


Where to Begin

We recommend you read through the articles in the Getting Started section in the order they are laid out. When you feel comfortable with the lay of the land, head over to the Begin Building section, where we'll go over the strategies of planning for the master Opening, and refining that workflow before we clone it to all your different locations. 

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