Personality Assessment Stage with Traitify

Discontinued Partner

Traitify is no longer supported in our platform. For more information about other partners with similar assessments, or for further assistance, contact your Fountain representative.

Add a Personality Assessment stage to your workflow to assess candidates' personality traits. Fountain has partnered with Traitify who have developed a 2-minute image-based behavioral assessment for predictive hiring by identifying what traits will make a candidate successful in your working environment along with preset benchwork for the desired role. 

Learn more about Traitify in this video below.


What's Covered


Get Traitify Account

In order to enable our Traitify integration, you'll need to create an account by reaching out to Traitify team hereAlready have a Traitify account? Please skip to the next section.


Connect Traitify to your Fountain Account 

Once you have a Traitify account:

  1. Hover over your username on the top right > Integrations
  2. Select Screening from the left-hand column.
  3. Under Personality Assessments > Traitify, click Connect.
  4. Enter your Public and Private API keys (found in your Traitify settings).
  5. Click Save Changes and you're set!


Add Personality Assessment Stage to Workflow

  1. Add the Personality Assessment stage.
  2. Select the Role you are assessing, add an automated message, and you are ready to go!


  3. The applicant, when going through the application, will see a series of images and statements. They will have to choose if these statements apply to them by clicking me or not me.

One Test, Different Overall Score based on Role

Traitify's personality assessment uses the same test for all roles, however, the overall fit score may differ based on the Role. Please be aware of this and not put more than one Personality Assessment Stage in the same workflow.


Viewing Personality Assessment Score

When an applicant completes the Traitify personality test, this report will appear in their applicant profile.


Each score in the personality assessment is from 0 (Least Fit) to 100 (Preferred Fit). The fit score is the boxed number above, and you can also hover over each dot in the pentagon to see the score for each subsection. The full report can also be accessed by clicking Full report under Personality Assessment. In the full report from Traitify, the subsection skills are rated 0 to 100, and you can also get an in-depth breakdown of each subsection.

Keeps the Latest Score

If applicants complete more than one Personality Assessment, the new test score will overwrite the old test score.


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