Recurring Document Signing Check

Recurring document signing checks in Posthire are a powerful tool you can use to effortlessly recollect a signature in a document.

Adding a New Recurring Check

  1. Select Posthire located in the top menu bar when you log into your Fountain account.
  2. Select Recurring Checks at the top of the page and click on Document Signing on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the blue Add Rule button.

  4. Enter information into the fields to Create the Document Signing Rule.


All of these fields are required in order for you to create a new recurring data collection check:

  • Check Name
  • Openings
    • The openings that this rule will apply to
  • Templates
    • Which document signing template you need the applicants to sign
  • Send Frequency
    • The frequency in which the document signing template needs to be sent to the applicants

Once the recurring check is set up, Posthire will start to request updated information via email from the applicants. 

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