Stage Landing Messages

Every Stage has the option to send an automated message (email and/or SMS) out after an applicant lands in the Stage. By default, there are generic plain text stage messages in place to help you get started faster, but we recommend you edit these default emails to versions that sound, feel, and look like your company. This initial stage message is meant to encourage the applicant to continue with your application, we recommend you add additional follow up messages to continue to nudge the applicant if they don't take action.

What's Covered

Add/Edit Stage Messages 

  1. Hover over Jobs in the top navigation bar, and select Openings.
  2. Next to Opening, click on Action then Edit Workflow.
  3. In the Workflow Editor, click on the Stage on the left you wish to edit.
  4. On the right side of the Workflow Editor, find the stage message section. Depending on what the stage type is, the section may be different. Example, for background check stages, you'll see "Consent Message" and for Custom Stages, you'll see "Automated Message".

  5. Click on the blue message title to edit the email and SMS.
  6. From the message editor, you can make changes to who the message will be sent from, BCC option. To edit the email and SMS content click on the titles.

    Get Better Responses

    We recommend adding SMS as a form of communication. Accounts that had SMS messages saw a higher conversion rate and faster completion time.

  7. Click on Save Message.
  8. Click on the box above the message title to set the amount of time to delay the send out of the message.

    Appropriate Delay

    To prevent an applicant from getting multiple messages back to back as they move through stages, there are options to delay your message send outs. We recommend choosing an amount of time that is sufficient to complete that stage and yield on the longer side.

  9. That's it! It automatically saves the amount of time you just inputted.


Disable Stage Message

Sometimes, you may want to disable messages without completely deleting them. You can do this by checking a box!

  1. Navigate to the Stage/Follow Up message the same way you did above.
  2. Check the box next to Disable message.
  3. That's it! This message will no longer be sent to applicants.


To start sending this message again, simply untick the box. However, this setting will not be retroactive; applicants in the past won't be receiving messages.

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