Modern Applicant Portal Design

We are so excited to introduce to you the NEW modern design for the Applicant Portal. We have completely redesigned the applicant experience to a sleek and beautiful interface - from the job directory to the applicant portal pages. 

  • Beautiful new interface with updated color usage, fonts, and layout
  • New progress bar so applicants can see where they are in the process
  • Super easy brand management(color and logos) that are then automatically used throughout your funnels
  • Fully redesigned data collection stage
  • New pop-up modals to highlight important stage instructions or other text

For more details about this feature release and future plans, download the PDF at the bottom of this article. 

In this article: 


Converting to the Modern Designs

The modern design is built to be minimalist and sleek, which means it may not aesthetically work with your current Applicant Portal content.  We highly recommend you test apply the modern design to a non-active Opening before enabling it for your active Openings. This test allows you to see how the new design will affect your current workflow and display the text you have in place.

Enable Modern Design for a Test Brand

The modern designs can be enabled without the need for complex code or customization. All you need to do is upload two logo files and choose a color for each brand. We'll automatically incorporate those brand assets in the new design across the workflow.

Setting Permissions

Users with Admin access are able to turn on the new modern design setting. Please connect with that person on your team to proceed with the following steps.

  1. Create a new brand by clicking on Add brand in Company Settings. For detailed step by step, visit the article on Brands.
  2. Check the box for Use modern designs.
  3. Name your Brand "Test".
  4. Make sure to use the real color and logo to see the real effect of using Modern Designs.


Test Modern Design for a Test Opening

  1. Add a new Location, name it "Test" and assign the test brand you created above.
  2. Add a new Opening, choose your Test Location, and clone the workflow over from your most common Opening. You can also use your Master Workflow if there are not active applicants in it. 
  3. You can now see how the modern design looks with your current applicant portal settings and text by clicking on Create Test Applicant in the applicant table of any stage. You can also apply as a fake applicant and go through the workflow.  




Modern Design Best Practice

In your testing, you'll probably find that stages with a lot of text and content look cluttered with this new design. To keep the integrity of the modern design and simple look, we recommend:

  • Removing custom CSS or HTML that is no longer necessary (e.g. typeface formatting)

    You'll notice that the Switch to HTML Editor is no longer available for the Modern Design. We recommend using the new designs and NOT inputting any custom code. However, it is still possible to add your own code by simply turning off the Modern Design in Brand, inputting the code as you did before, then turning the setting back to ON.   This process can be used for editing existing code or adding new code(e.g. embedding a video) as needed.

  • Limit custom text to 50-75 words or fewer

  • Show the Progress Bar and list of stages in the Applicant Portal

    If the Progress Bar and the list of stages are NOT showing on your Applicant Portal, you may have disabled the setting to show all your stages to applicants. Go to Company Settings and under Applicants section, check the checkbox that says, "Make all stages in an opening visible to applicants".

  • Limit data collection forms to 5-7 questions or fewer

  • Only include photos in your stage details when absolutely necessary

  • Use custom stage as an informational stage if you have a lot of text/content to display

  • Add/edit text to the Pop-up Modal

    Pop-up Modal is the pop-up box that appears before the stage and is currently available for the Form Description and Success Message in Data Collection stages. We will be adding the pop-up modal in more places in the later releases!

    The Form Description will show up as a pop-up modal when the applicant first lands on the stage. In the Data Collection Stage settings page, click Customize fields for data collection stage. Then edit the text in the Form description section.

    The Success Message will show up as a pop-up modal when an applicant completes the stage. In the Data Collection Stage settings page, click on Customize portal view. Then edit the text in the Success Message section.

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