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After your 14-day Fountain Pro trial period, you can upgrade from the trial to use Fountain in the long-term. Fountain offers 2 different plans you can choose from to match your hiring needs: Fountain Pro and Fountain Enterprise. 

To cancel your account, navigate here. To upgrade to Fountain Pro, please follow the steps below. You can conveniently manage your payment via credit card in the billing section. To upgrade to enterprise, please contact our sales team at Want to know more about the difference between Pro and Enterprise? See below!

Fountain Pro vs. Fountain Enterprise


Change Trial Plan to Pro

  1. Click Settings on the left bar.

  2. Click on Billing to review the current plan.

  3. To change your plan, click on Change Plan and complete your billing information.
  4. Click the blue Pay & Subscribe button and you have upgraded to Pro.


Canceling Your Plan

If you choose to cancel your Fountain Pro account, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on Settings on the left bar.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Click Change Plan. You will see two options pop up.
  4. Click Downgrade to Fountain Lite
  5. Fill out the Downgrade Reason and What could we have done differently? With this, you will stop being billed, and you will not be able to access Fountain Pro. However, if you cancel before your end date, you can still access Fountain pro. (i.e. If you paid through June 20th and you downgrade on June 10th, you will still get access until June 20th.)

Canceling your Account

After you cancel your account, you will only be able to access the first 3 locations and first brand you created on Fountain. For additional locations and brands, make sure to wrap up your applications and save any necessary information. 


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