When an applicant doesn't perform the action of the stage by a certain amount of time, you can automatically move the applicant to another stage, such as Reject or On Hold.

To add an automatic move rule, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to your workflow, and select the stage you want to implement an Automatic Move Rule in.
  2. Select Add automatic move rule.
  3. Choose the stage you'd like the applicant to be moved to when they're idle, and enter the amount of days they need to be idle before the automatic move occurs. Refer to this article for how an applicant's idle time is calculated.

  4. Click Save rule.

Best Practice

We recommend you to send follow-up messages to idle applicants before you move them to a different stage.

 You can check the Send automated messages associated with "Move to..." stage if you want the applicant to receive messages related 

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