Background Check Stage
This stage will ask the applicant to fill out a consent form for a background check.
Custom Stage
This stage is a versatile blank page used commonly for a welcome or information page.
Data Collection Stage
This stage allows applicants to upload documents and/or respond to questions ranging from multiple choice to open text box.
Document Signing Stage
In this stage, applicants can sign and fill out areas on a document.
Stands for Human Resource Information System. Users can integrate Fountain into their own internal database.
Learning Stage
This stage is for online lessons and quizzes for the applicant to complete.
Location, market, or district of job. Determined by address, country, time zone, language, brand, SMS Number, etc. Part of Opening.
Location Group
Filters locations into large categories to better organize and find openings faster.
Master Opening
General template of workflow to clone from for specific openings.
Job opening consisted of the position and where it is located. Formatted typically as "Location - Position".
Opening Owner
Usually a Hiring manager who oversees the hiring process for Opening(s).
Option Banks
Gives values for applicants to choose from.
Personality Assessment Stage
In this stage, the applicant completes a behavioral assessment and receives a fit score for the opening.
Job title or position held by employee. Part of Opening.
Scheduler Stage
This stage allows applicant to choose a time slot based on the availability you have added to the session calendar.
Recurring Background Check
Via Fountain's Posthire, this is used to rerun background checks for workers living in the "Approved" stage of any Opening. Only works for accounts that are integrated with Checkr.
Recurring Data Collection Check
Via Fountain's Posthire, this is used to recollect workers' documents, expiration dates, and any other fields previously obtained.
Rule Stage
Stage for filtering applicants based on if-then statements.
A session is any scheduled event booked in a Scheduler Stage.
Makes up a workflow, with each stage being a single step in your hiring process.
Video Recording Stage
This stage is for applicants to respond to questions in a time limited recording.
Connect information within Fountain to external functions or applications, triggered by applicant action.
Worker Table
Where you can see all of your active and inactive workers who reside in the 'Approved' stage of your workflow.
Entire hiring process, from application to hiring. It is made up of stages throughout the application and hiring process.
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