Scheduler stage allows you to fill out times you are available for applicant events, whether that is an interview, an orientation, a start date, to pick up gear, and much more! You can create time slots and edit existing time slots that you are available for in this stage.

What's Covered

Setting Up the Scheduler Stage 

  1. Add the Scheduler Stage to your workflow.
  2. Click Set more availability.
  3. Click Connect your calendar. This connects your Google Calendar or Outlook to Fountain.
  4. Scroll down to Calendar Settings. Click Connect.
  5. Fill in your email information. 

Creating Time Slots

To add availability for your applicants to book from, please follow the steps below.

  1. Start in the Scheduler Stage in the workflow. Click Set more availability.
  2. Now, you should be able to see a calendar with times. Click on times on the calendar to set times you are available for the opening. Please note, the time zone can be adjusted by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, but the applicant portal will list the time according to the time zone set for opening's Location

    Best Practice

    We recommend that you select at least three availabilities to ensure that applicants can have options to choose from.

  3. Fill out the form, click Save, and go back to the Scheduler Stage in the workflow.
  4. Fill out the advanced settings and automated messages, and you are good to go!

Edit Existing Time Slots

  1. Click Set more availability under the Scheduler Stage.
  2. Click on the existing time slots that you want to edit. Click Edit Session.
  3. Edit the session and click Save.

Manage Applicants

If you would like to manually place an applicant into a session instead of them using a scheduler link, you can do so via the Manage Applicants feature.

  1. Click Set more availability under the Scheduler Stage.
  2. Click on the existing time slots that you want to manage the applicants for. Click Manage Applicants.
  3. Under Manage Applicants, click Select. Use the drop-down menu to select the applicants you want to insert into the time slot.
  4. Click Close.

Adding Time Blocks 

Time blocks can be used to prevent regular and restricted users from adding sessions to specific times on the calendar.

  1. Hover over your name on the top right and click on Company Settings.
  2. Click on Scheduling under App Settings
  3. Click on the blue Add Calendar.
  4. Input the information needed. You can add a daily, weekly, or one time only time block.
  5. Click Save.
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