Add Availability to the Fountain Calendar

The scheduler stage allows you to choose your availability to interact with applicants, whether that's an interview, orientation, start date, or to pick up equipment.  In this stage, you can create time slots and/or edit existing time slots per your availability.

Watch the following video for an overview of how to add calendar availability:

What's Covered

Setting Up the Scheduler Stage 

  1. Add the Scheduler Stage to your workflow.
  2. Complete the Connect your Calendar section.
    • Fountain will prompt you to enter your email address and sign-in to sync your calendar. You will need to agree to Cronofy’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in order to sync your calendar.
  3. Select Add Availability.                    

Creating Time Slots

To add availability for your applicants to book from, follow the steps below.

  1. Start in the Scheduler Stage in the workflow. Once your calendar is synced, click Set availability. Your calendar will appear.
  2. Select times on the calendar and choose time slots you'd like to designate for interviews. The time zone can be adjusted by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, but the applicant portal will list the time according to the time zone set for opening's Location.
  3. Enter the opening, the administrator the opening is assigned to, date, start time, end time, location, max attendees, event name, and instructions. Select Save.
    • You can also choose to set up availability on a repeating pattern or Enable instant interview which allows applicants to request an immediate interview once landing on the scheduler stage
  4. Return to the Scheduler Stage in the workflow.
  5. Fill out the advanced settings and automated messages, and you are good to go!

Edit Existing Time Slots

  1. Click Set Availability under the Scheduler Stage.
  2. Click on the existing time slots that you want to edit. Click Edit Session.    Scheduler_Stage_7.png
  3. Edit the session and click Save.

Create a Time Slot for a Specific Applicant

  1. Navigate to the opening you'd like to add interview availability to and open it to view the workflow.
  2. Locate the applicant you'd like to create interview availability for and select the three dots icon. 

  3. Click Move to Stage and then select the Interview stage if the applicant is not already in the Interview Scheduler stage.

  4. The Move Applicant window will appear. The settings will default to send automated emails or SMS messages per the Stage settings. Review them to verify whether you want to Perform additional actions, and select Submit.
  5. The applicant will be moved to the Interview - Scheduler stage. Select the Interview status label, then select Schedule from the dropdown menu.

  6. You can select a slot by clicking the dropdown menu to view the available slots.
    • Additionally, you can Add Availability by select the + Availability button. 


      For the purpose of this example, we will use the + Availability button.
  7. In the Add Availability window, enter the Event Name, Max Attendees (which will default to 1 if you are creating a time slot for a specific applicant), Instructions (optional), and select Schedule.
  8. Once the applicant is scheduled for an Interview time, the update will appear on the applicant's status label, and in the applicant's profile.



Manage Applicants

If you would like to manually place an applicant into a session instead of them using a scheduler link, you can do so via the Manage Applicants feature.

  1. Click Set availability under the Scheduler Stage.
  2. Click on the existing time slots that you want to manage the applicants for. Click Manage Applicants.
  3. Under Manage Applicants, click Book Applicant. Use the drop-down menu to select the applicants you want to insert into the time slot.
  4. Select Close.
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