Boost (Applicant Sourcing)

Boost is a feature that automatically posts your job and application form to multiple job boards, to help you find new applicants for your Opening. Boost takes away the effort and the manual work of finding job boards, posting the job, manually checking for applicants, etc.

Let Fountain take care of sourcing so you can focus on hiring the workers you need!

What's Covered


How Sourcing works

Fountain works with select publishers and subsequently a network of 80+ job boards including CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Indeed, Google Jobs, Ripple, Glassdoor, Upwork, Jobble, Neuvoo, LinkedIn, Adzuna, Jobs2Careers, and many more. When you create a Boost, you can set a budget for a duration of your choosing. During this timeframe, Fountain will:

  • Identify the best mix of job boards suited for your job
  • Publish your job on the identified job boards
  • Sponsor your job on jobs boards from your allocated Boost budget
  • Automatically add newly applied candidates to your Opening
  • Attribute the candidate to the job board where they applied for analysis

NOTE: Boosts use a standard application form which does not include the additional questions you may have added to the custom Application Form for your Opening. Please contact Fountain Support or your Customer Success Manager for details. 

Effectiveness of the Boost and the quality of the applicants are based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Location of job and demand for such work in that area
  • Job descriptions - be descriptive but concise, include explicit job requirements, and be consistent in language, information, and tone. Avoid spelling mistakes or copy errors. Reference the job address/location in the description itself to help avoid applicants applying from the wrong geographic areas
  • BudgetHigher budgets lead to higher bids on job boards, which convert to more views, more clicks, and more applies
  • Job Title Make your job title enticing by adding a pay rate or other relevant details
  • Candidate densityBoost success is dependent upon the volume and interest level of prospective candidates in the job’s area, which can vary by season and can be based upon the factors listed above

Available only in the US, Canada, the UK, and EU

Enterprise Sourcing is only available for Openings in the US, Canada, UK, and EU that have a physical address. Openings with remote Locations are not currently supported. To update the Location of your Opening, go to Locations and add at least a city to your Opening.

Boosting your Job Opening

  1. On the top left in Fountain, hover over Jobs. Click Openings, or simply choose the Opening you want to Boost and go to the Applicant Table for that Opening.
  2. Click the Screen_Shot_2019-06-14_at_4.03.21_PM.png in the upper-right corner of the page and select "Create Boost" from the menu. 
  3. Determine a budget for your Boost using Simple Mode, or toggle to Advanced Mode for additional posting / budget options. 
    1. Advanced Mode includes the ability to customize your budget and where it goes, including posting exclusively to Indeed and/or CareerBuilder. Contact if you have any questions. 
  4. Click Next to proceed
  5. Input or confirm the existing job details in our system, and complete any missing job details.
    1. The Posting Title can be different from the Opening name in Fountain. We recommend including things like the pay rate or other relevant details in the title, in order to attract the most applicants for the job.
    2. The salary can be a range or an exact number, or can be left blank (although we recommend including it with your job details to attract the most applicants for the job).
    3. If you want to change the address of the job, go back to the Location level to edit.

      Marketing Your Opening

      The job description is not only required in order to make a Boost, but this is also your chance to market your job to applicants. Aside from the job details, this is the only other information your applicants will see on the job board, so make sure it counts. The job description must contain more than 50 characters in order for you to proceed to the next step.

  6. Determine the Duration that you want your Boost budget to be spent on the various job boards. Please note that Indeed posts are live for 14 days, and CareerBuilder posts are live for 30 days. 
  7. Determine the Payment Method you want to use for the Boost. You can use a credit card or add the Boost as a line item to your monthly invoice. 
  8. If you need to edit your budget or Advanced Mode inputs, click the Edit button above the receipt view on the right-hand side of the page. 
  9. If you have a coupon, click Use Coupon Code on the bottom right and fill it in within the receipt view.
  10. You can also schedule your Boost to begin at a future date and time if you prefer, or if it's more convenient. Simply click on the Schedule for Later button and make your selection. We recommend Boosting your job on a Monday-Thursday, and avoiding Fridays or weekends, in order to optimize applicant volume. 
  11. Click Pay and Boost Now and your Boost is now active! The payment will be automatically added to the next month’s invoice or charged to your credit card, as applicable.


Managing a Boost

Once your Boost is active, click on the Screen_Shot_2019-06-14_at_4.03.21_PM.png on the top right corner of the opening you boosted. Click View Boost to see the number of applicants and time remaining in the Boost.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-14_at_3_55_45_PM.png Keep in Mind: 

  • Boost is not refundable. We recommend letting a Boost expire naturally over the specified duration as your Boost is paid for up-front and will not be refunded.
  • Boost edits will not be applied to active listings on Job Boards. If you want the edits to be included on active job boards, you will have to cancel and redo your Boost. For assistance with this, contact your CSM.
  • Boost Cancellation takes up to 24 hours. Once you cancel a Boost, it can take up to 24 hours to remove the job listing off job boards.
  • Contact Support to cancel your Boost. If you decide to stop a Boost before its scheduled end date, contact your Customer Service Manager and they can help cancel it.


Attributing Applicants

Applicants who apply via your Boost can be identified by looking under the Boost Source field on the Info tab of their Applicant Profile -- this will display the individual job board from where the applicant came from when they applied.

Note: Application Form

Our sourcing feature does not use the application form you have created: to ensure that applicants via Boost answer your required questions, we suggest creating a data collection stage with the same questions that are on your application form. If you are using the same opening for both sourced and non-sourced applicants and don't want everyone to land in the new data collection stage, you can create a rule stage to filter applicants to different stages. 

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