Email a PDF Stage

Another stage Fountain offers is Email a PDF stage, which is where you can email the applicant a pdf of a document they need to review, terms and conditions they must look at, etc. 

Using an Email a PDF Stage

  1. Add the Email a PDF stage where you want it in your workflow.
  2. Under Upload a File, click Browse to select the document you want to send to applicants when they land on the stage. The document must be a pdf, and it must be under 15 MB in size.

  3. Select the document and click Apply file.
  4. Select how many minutes we should wait before we should send the applicant the document via email and SMS.

  5. You can also edit the email and SMS we send the applicant in the blue Edit Message on the right side.
  6. For more advanced edits, click Customize next to the stage and input any custom Javascript you have.
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