The Checks stage is where you can internally record if the applicant completed their Background Check, References, and Requirements. See below to learn more on how to use it. 

Using Checks Stage

The Checks stage appears after the interview stage. Move applicants to this stage to perform the Checks actions.


Click on the box next to Background Check, References, and/or Requirements based on what the applicant has completed. Other users can also view these checkboxes, so it can be used to keep everyone informed about the applicant.

Actions on Applicant in Checks Stage

Checking the box next to Background Check, References, and Requirements will not prompt an action to the applicant to complete these checks. This stage is purely internal and not meant to instruct the applicant to complete anything. Please perform your own background checks and ask for references from the applicant.

You don't need to check all the boxes to move the applicant forward. Depending on your internal processes, you can move this applicant to the Hired stage if they are suitable for the job.

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