After you have approved an applicant, moving them to the hired stage allows you to send them necessary onboarding paperwork. In order to send onboarding documents to applicants, however, you must first enable the New Hire Paperwork by going into Settings > Paperwork, clicking Enable. You can disable at any point in the same place.

What's Covered


Document Signing

5 forms that are already templatized: Form I-9, Federal Form W-4, State Form W-4, Employee Emergency Contact, and Direct Deposit Authorization. When you enable New Hire Paperwork to be sent out, applicants will have to fill out these documents (see here for exceptions on State Form W-4). These documents can be viewed in SettingsPaperworkPreview on the right of the document you want to access.

Once you move an applicant to hired with paperwork enabled, Fountain will email and text the applicant with an updated link to access and sign the forms.

If you need one of these forms taken off from the New Hire Paperwork, please contact and we can remove that form from the applicant onboarding flow.


State Withholding Forms

Some states require state-specific withholding forms to be filled out by your employees.  In other cases, the State Form W-4 document may not appear for the applicant based on the state the job is located in. 

State-Specific Withholding Forms
States that do not have Withholding Forms
  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming


Accessing Signed Forms

After you move an applicant to the Hired Stage and send them the onboarding forms, the documents that the applicants need to sign will show under Applicant Details in Files


Adding Your Own Documents

If you want the applicant to view and fill out another document, you can add that to the New Hire Paperwork by going to Settings Paperwork. Scroll down to Upload Custom Documents and upload the file you want the applicants to print and fill out. Note that these documents are not templatized to be signed via electronic signing. Instead, the custom documents are emailed to the applicant as a PDF for them to print and fill out themselves.

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