There are a series of systems in place to review documents that applicants have uploaded. You could see the status of approved documents from the Applicant Table, as well as upload documents onto an applicant's profile. In addition, you can approve or recollect the applicant's files.

What's Covered


Document Status Label

After the applicant completes a Data Collection stage with file upload questions, they automatically get a status label next to their name in the Applicant Table. The document status label that appears says X/Y Documents Approved. The Y depends on how many documents you requested from them at that given point in time, and the X depends on how many documents you have approved. Learn more about approving files here.


Best Practice: Document Reviewing

We recommend placing a Custom Stage in your workflow designated for reviewing applicants and their documents. This way, you have one place where your team goes to review, and it is easier to keep track of an applicant’s document status.


Review Files

After an applicant uploads documents in a Data Collection Stage, you can review them in the Applicant Table. To do so, follow the steps below.

Approve Files Recollect Files
  1. Navigate to the Applicant Profile that you want to review.
  2. Click on Files.
  3. Click Download File to download and view the file that the applicant has uploaded. If the document is satisfactory, check the Approve File box beside that document.

Approving Documents after Recollecting

If you clicked Recollect File on a document, you won't be able to approve that document until the applicant re-submits it.

Preview All Applicant Documents

For a bigger and easier view of all the documents the applicant has uploaded, click preview all files on the top left of the Applicant Information page.


Replace Applicant Document

If you are uploading a file for an applicant onto the Fountain workflow, you can do so with the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Applicant Profile that you want to upload documents for.
  2. Click the Actions button on the top bar. Click Upload File.
  3. Select the Data Key from the file upload question under Upload Key. If you need to upload a document that doesn't have a Data Key, you can choose to enter new key

    Document Upload Data Key

    Make sure you use a unique Data Key that is different from what is in the dropdown. Otherwise, you risk overwriting existing files under that Data Key name. Learn more about Keys in the Data Collection Stage here.

  4. Upload file by clicking Choose File beside Upload file.
  5. Click Upload, and you're set! This will override your Recollect File action if you had it previously.
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