Actions on Applicants (from the original Applicant Table)

Users are able to perform Actions directly from the Applicant Table or from the Applicant Profile. These actions range from sending messages to the applicant, moving the applicant, and updating applicant information. If you select multiple applicants in the Applicant Table, you can also perform Bulk Actions to all selected applicants at once. 




Send Email and Text/SMS

You can send individual SMS and email messages to applicants. More information about both can be accessed here.

Move Applicant to Different Stage 
The Move to Next Stage and Move to Stage... both allow you to move the applicant to a different stage. If you move the applicant to a stage with an automated message, a popup will appear asking if you want the automated message to be sent to the applicant being moved.


Moving Applicants to Past Stages

For in-depth information on moving applicants, click here.

Move Applicant to Different Opening
  1. Click on Move Applicant to Different Opening button in the Applicant's Actions.
  2. Select which Opening and Stage you want to move this applicant to.
  3. Click Move Applicants to [stage].
Reject Applicant
If the applicant does not qualify for the opening, you can reject the applicant by clicking on this button. Choose the reason for rejection from the menu, and click Reject applicant. For more information regarding rejection reasons, see this article.
Score Applicant
You have the ability to score applicants based on a number system. Learn more here.
Upload File
Applicants can upload files via a data collection stage, but you can also upload or recollect files from applicants via the Applicant Table. Learn more about it here.
Print Data
If you want the applicant's information in a pdf form, you can print it by clicking on this option. You can choose whether you want to a pdf of the entire application or just a specific stage. The pdf automatically downloads after you choose which one you want to download.
Edit Applicant
If for any reason you need to edit an applicant's information, you can do so by clicking on Edit Applicant in the applicant menu. You will be directed to this page:

If you want to change the name, email, or phone number, do so and click Submit. If you want to edit other information, check the Show account custom keys. You will then see a list of fields with data key titles. You can also click Add additional info on the bottom. A Key and Value box will appear.

Input the Data Key to the question you want to change the applicant's response to. Fill in the updated response in the Value box. Repeat for other information you want to edit, and click Submit.

Editing Applicant Data

When filling in the information in the Edit Applicant sections, this updated information will replace the existing applicant information. Make sure the updated applicant data is accurate before editing, or else you will not be able to retrieve the past information.

Delete Applicant
We do not recommend deleting applicants, as it is extremely difficult to get that information back after you deleted them. We suggest that you only delete duplicate applicants. However, you should review duplicate applicant profiles; if the information in the profiles differs, then you should consider consolidating all of the information into one profile before deleting the duplicate.
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