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Form I-9 is used to verify a worker’s identity & certify that they can be legally employed in the United States. Fountain allows applicants to fill out and send their I-9 form within the Fountain workflow. In this I9 stage, applicants will fill out their portion of the I-9 form, and the internal users can add the employer’s information and download the complete form.

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I-9 Form Basics

The I-9 form functions as employment authorization, meant to be filled out by both employer and employee.

The I-9 Form has three main sections:

  • Section 1: Employee must fill this out on or before their start date.
  • Section 2: Employer fills this out and must physically (in-person) confirm the identity documents from the employee. This section must be completed within 3 business days of hire.
  • Section 3: Reserved for rehires or if an employee's identity documents expire.

1099 contractors do not need to fill out this form -- only employees do.


Using the I-9 Form Stage

  1. Add the I9 form stage to get started. We recommend that the I9 form stage is placed after the approval stage, or when the applicant has accepted their offer to your position. This way, the applicant will not automatically progress to this stage.
  2. Check the options you would like under the I-9 Form stage settings.
    Move Applicant to Next Stage
    We recommend that you turn this setting on so that the applicant can complete the hiring process instead of waiting for the employer to complete their half of the I-9. If you want the applicant to move to the next stage in the workflow after they complete the I-9 form, check that box under the I-9 Form category.
    Have Applicant Confirm SSN
    If you want the applicant to confirm their SSN by filling it in twice in the stage, check Get SSN Confirmation from applicant.

    Email a Copy of I-9
    If you want a copy of the I-9 to be sent to an employer's email, you can check that in the menu as well. The email address is configurable to any email you would like.
  3. Once an applicant has completed their I-9 form, the employer will get an email notification to complete part 2 of the I-9 form. You can also access this via the Sign Form link on the applicant profile.


Connecting I-9 Form with E-Verify

E-Verify is a government system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the US. If you integrate E-Verify in your Fountain account, the I-9 form completed by you and the applicant will automatically be sent to government systems to be screened. Federal contractors and certain states are required to use E-Verify, and companies can voluntarily use it. E-Verify is free to use -- just follow the steps below.

To enable E-Verify:

  1. Complete and send E-Verify Signup Questionnaire to We will then onboard your business into the E-Verify system and add E-Verify to your Fountain integrations.
  2. Sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) email from E-Verify authorizing Fountain to send I-9 Forms to E-Verify on your behalf.

To integrate E-Verify into your workflow:

  1. Hover over your username on the top right in the Fountain website.
  2. Click IntegrationsScreening on the left column.
  3. Scroll down to Employment Authorization. Click Connect to the right of Everify.

I-9 and E-Verify

You may use the I-9 form stage without E-Verify; however, if you want to use E-Verify, you must use the I-9 form stage.


E-Verify Result

After an employer signs part 2 of an I-9 form, they will be redirected to a form prompting them to submit the I-9 form to E-Verify.

A label will also be added to the applicant in the applicant table with the E-Verify result.


95% or more of applicants processed with E-Verify will be authorized for employment immediately after submitting the above form. If E-Verify requires further action, the user will be redirected to the appropriate site based on the case status.

Confirm Details
If your applicant requires confirmation of certain details, this menu will appear.
Photo Match
E-Verify may prompt you to confirm if the applicant's profile matches the photo on the document.
Scan and Upload
If the applicant requires additional documents, you can upload them here.
Pending Referral (Tentative non confirmation)
If E-Verify requires more information from you or the applicant, they will send you the following status.
This status will appear if you have referred your applicant to SSA/DHS after the applicant has contested the Tentative non confirmation.
Employment Authorized
If employment is authorized, this will appear.
Employment Closed
If your applicant is not authorized to work, this will appear.
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