Watch this video to get a tour of Fountain.


Here are some of the buttons and features that the video references.

Opening Page
Where you can view all of your openings. View the article with this information here.
Applicant Table
This is where you can view the applicants within a certain opening and perform actions on them, whether that be moving, approving, requesting documents, and more. More information on that here.
Applicant Profile
When you click on the name of an applicant, the applicant profile shows up with applicant information and actions. View the Applicant Profile article here.
This is where you can view the exports and data pulled from Fountain.
Company Settings
Here is where you can toggle most of your settings within Fountain.
Within the Sessions tab, you can view all the appointments you have made, as well as schedule availabilities for applicants to choose from. More information on that here.
You can view and reply to all the applicant SMS messages in the messenger tab. View more information on messaging here.
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