Enhance the Applicant Portal with iFrame & Javascript

The Applicant Portal can be customized within Fountain to include some powerful features critical for applicant retention and engagement. By customizing your brand and understanding these tools, you can create an Application Form that will attract more applicants! 

What's Covered


An iFrame is a window inside a window. It can be added on to any stage using html, and it is commonly used to have applicants sign a terms and conditions and show applicants the company website.

To add an iFrame:

    1. Click Customize in the top right corner of the stage that you want to insert the iFrame in.
    2. Under Stage Body, click Use code editor.
    3. Insert the following line of code.
      <iframe src="website.com"></iframe>

Note: Whitelisted Sites

The sites that can be put into an iframe are: youtube (via embed code in video link share), vimeo, slideshare, google drive, dropbox, and screencast.


Additional Custom Scripts can be added to each stage for additional customization.

To add a Custom Script:

  1. On the stage that you want to insert the Custom Script in, click Customize on the top right of the stage.
  2. Under Custom Scripts, choose whether you want the Javascript to be executed when an applicant lands on the stage or after they complete the stage.
  3. Insert the Custom Script.

Hide Stage from Applicant Portal

In Company Settings > Company > Applicants, there is an option that to Make all stages in an opening visible to the applicants in their applications. This means that the application will have a list of all the stages on the left-hand side, as well as a progress bar showing the applicant's percentage through the application. You can only hide a stage from the Applicant Portal if this is allowed.


Best Practice

We recommend that you enable Make all stages in an opening visible to the applicants in their applications to ensure that the applicants know how much time the application will take.

Hiding a stage from the Applicant Portal progress tracker means that that specific stage will not be shown on the left sidebar. To do so, go to the stage you want to hide. Under Advanced Settings, toggle off Show stage in applicant portal progress tracker.




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