The Application Form is the first page that the applicant goes through: it collects the applicant's name, email, and phone number. 


What's Covered


Using the Application Form

When looking at the Jobs Directory, each link that goes to a position is an Application Form link.


To learn more about the Jobs Directory, click here. While you can use Fountain's Jobs Directory and Application Form, there are other methods to customize your applicant's experience.


Hosting Application Form Options

There are three primary ways of hosting Fountain on your site. The first is using Fountain's Application Form, which can be conveniently linked everywhere. You can also collect data via website form, Google Form, Type Form, or in-app then push data into Fountain. The last option is using an iFrame of Fountain's site onto the company site. We will explore all three here. 


Fountain's Application Form

  1. Locate the Jobs tab in the top left corner and click to open the dropdown. Then click Openings.
  2. Find the opening you want to retrieve the application form from. Click the … Actions button to the left of the Opening.
  3. Click View Job.
  4. Copy the link from the top address bar and link it to any job boards you may have!



Company's Site 

You can collect applicant data via a website form, Google form, Typeform, or in-app form, then push that data into Fountain for further screening. Click here to learn more about Typeform integration, and click here for Google form integration. While this gives you full control of the visual, you will need a development team to build the API and manage the integration.



Add an iFrame of Fountain's application form to your company's site. This requires a website builder on your side -- view how to grab Fountain's Application Form link here.


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