Have you heard of the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sunset plans for Remote I-9 due to the COIVD-19 pandemic?

Good news! This change does NOT impact customers using Fountain’s Authorized Representative I-9 feature (formally called Remote I-9). Fountain’s Authorized Representative I-9 feature is not remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic which temporarily permitted employers to examine the employee’s I-9 documentation virtually over video, fax or email.

Instead, Fountain Authorized Representative I-9 allows companies to designate an authorized representative via the applicant’s selected representative to physically examine their documents. Our customers who use Authorized Representative I-9 need not worry about this announcement and do not have any further actions required.

E-Verify is a government system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the US. If you integrate E-Verify in your Fountain account, the I-9 form completed by you and the applicant will automatically be sent to government systems to be screened. Federal contractors and certain states are required to use E-Verify, and companies can voluntarily use it. 

I-9 Stage Required for E-Verify

You may use the I-9 form stage without E-Verify; however, if you want to use E-Verify, you must use the I-9 form stage.

What's Covered

Enable E-Verify:

  1. Download, complete and send E-Verify Signup Questionnaire to support@fountain.com. We will then onboard your business into the E-Verify system and add E-Verify to your Fountain integrations.
  2. Sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) email from E-Verify authorizing Fountain to send I-9 Forms to E-Verify on your behalf.

E-Verify Signup Questionnaire Questions

In the event you are unable to access the E-Verify Signup Questionnaire document, you can also email the answers to the following questions directly to support@fountain.com. They will then onboard your business into the E-Verify system and add E-Verify to your Fountain integrations.

  • Legal business name.
  • DBA business name.
  • Are you a state, local or federal government contractor or agency?
  • Number of employees (including part-time and seasonal).
  • 3-digit NAICS code (look up).
  • DUNS number (optional).
  • Federal Employer Identification Code (FEIN).
  • Full name, Email address, and Phone Number for who should sign the E-Verify agreement (MOU).
  • Physical address of the main office or corporate headquarters (no PO boxes).
  • Is your main office your primary hiring site? If not, provide the address of your primary hiring site.
  • Is your mailing address different from your main office?
  • Please list the address of all hiring sites where you will be using E-verify.


Integrate E-Verify

  1. Hover over your username on the top right in the Fountain website.
  2. Click IntegrationsScreening on the left column.
  3. Scroll down to Employment Authorization. Click Connect to the right of Everify.
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