Have you heard of the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sunset plans for Remote I-9 due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Good news! This change does NOT impact customers using Fountain’s Authorized Representative I-9 feature (formally called Remote I-9). Fountain’s Authorized Representative I-9 feature is not remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic which temporarily permitted employers to examine the employee’s I-9 documentation virtually over video, fax or email.

Instead, Fountain Authorized Representative I-9 allows companies to designate an Authorized Representative via the applicant’s selected representative to physically examine their documents. Our customers who use Authorized Representative I-9 need not worry about this announcement and do not have any further actions required.

Please note that if you choose to collect I-9 eligibility documents via separate stages with the intent to review them remotely, you will need to follow USCIS guidelines to ensure that your applicants do not have to redo the I-9 process. 

Additionally, the USCIS is publishing a new I-9 form on Aug 1, that all employers must start using by November 1st of 2023. Fountain is committed to updating our I-9 Form before the November 1st deadline. 

E-Verify is a government system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the US. If you integrate E-Verify in your Fountain account, the I-9 form completed by you and the applicant will automatically be sent to government systems to be screened. Federal contractors and certain states are required to use E-Verify, and companies can voluntarily use it. Fountain's I-9 stage is required in order to use E-Verify. You may use the I-9 Form stage independently without E-Verify; however, if you want to use E-Verify, you must use the I-9 Form stage. 

Important Note

If you are using E-Verify, when completing the employer portion of the I-9 (Section 2), you have the option of using the alternative method of confirming the employee's provided documents over video instead of in-person. If you confirm the documents over video, you must check the box indicating you used the alternative procedure authorized by DHS when completing your portion of the I-9. The alternative procedure is only available for customers using E-Verify. 

Learn more about I-9s by reviewing the I-9 Form Stage and Authorized Representative I-9 Form articles. 


What's Covered

Enable E-Verify:

  1. Download, complete and send E-Verify Signup Questionnaire to support@fountain.com. We will then onboard your business into the E-Verify system and add E-Verify to your Fountain integrations.
  2. Sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) email from E-Verify authorizing Fountain to send I-9 Forms to E-Verify on your behalf.

E-Verify Signup Questionnaire Questions

In the event you are unable to access the E-Verify Signup Questionnaire document, you can also email the answers to the following questions directly to support@fountain.com. They will then onboard your business into the E-Verify system and add E-Verify to your Fountain integrations.

  • Legal business name.
  • DBA business name.
  • Are you a state, local or federal government contractor or agency?
  • Number of employees (including part-time and seasonal).
  • 3-digit NAICS code (look up).
  • DUNS number (optional).
  • Federal Employer Identification Code (FEIN).
  • Full name, Email address, and Phone Number for who should sign the E-Verify agreement (MOU).
  • Physical address of the main office or corporate headquarters (no PO boxes).
  • Is your main office your primary hiring site? If not, provide the address of your primary hiring site.
  • Is your mailing address different from your main office?
  • Please list the address of all hiring sites where you will be using E-verify.

Set Up an E-Verify Integration

Users can add the E-Verify integration via the Fountain Integrations webpage. Click on the initials icon in the top right-hand corner, then click IntegrationsScreening.

Go to your E-Verify API settings to obtain your Company ID.  

You MUST have the E-Verify Company ID in order to integrate. Copy and paste your Company ID and click the Save Changes button to turn on the integration.

                     Understanding E-Verify Results

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