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Background Check with Checkr Stage (USA) is a stage that integrates with Checkr to enable the ability to run background checks and/or MVR reports in the workflow.  This stage is very versatile allowing you to split the actions required for running a check (collecting consent then running a check) or performing both actions simultaneously.  

Checkr Account Needed

You must have a Checkr account in order to use this stage, view the article on how to integrate Checkr with your Fountain account here


What's Covered

Set up Package Type

Pick the Report Package type you want to run on the applicant. You can consider running a MVR first, and wait for the result of that report before running another package. To do so, add two Background Checks with Checkr Stage (USA), one for MVR and an additional one for a criminal check. 


**Report Package types may vary from account to account, consult Checkr about your company-specific packages.

Collect Consent

In order to run any checks with Checkr, you'll need the applicant to sign a consent to allow your company to run a check.

You can collect this consent when running the report, or you can collect the consent first and run the background check later. If you choose to run the background check later, be sure to add another Background Check with Checkr Stage (USA) later in the workflow and adjust the settings to run the check then. 

Stage Action

Select an action for this stage. You can choose to run the report immediately and keep the applicant in the stage until the report results return; it may take a few days depending on the package type. Or, you can advance the applicant forward and run the report later.

If you choose to skip or delay running the report now, be sure to add another Checkr (USA) Background Check Stage later in the workflow, and run the report in this stage.

We recommend choosing the option to Run report & advance upon final status: Clear, Consider (Engaged), Consider (Post Adverse Action) if you plan to use the Rule Stage to automatically sort your applicants based on their report status. 

Progressive Check

Fountain supports Checkr's Progressive Check functionality. If the required packages to run progressive check is available, the Progressive Check option will show up in the Workflow Editor (see picture below). Once this option is checked, Checkr will run a Progressive Check on a candidate. Checkr will run the MVR check first, if the candidate passes, it'll then run the rest of the background check on the candidate.


ScreenTypes supported via Checkr-hosted Flow

Some screen types are only supported via Checkr-hosted applicant consent flow. If a package contains one of the below screen types, a Note will appear beside the screen type and package. It can be viewed by going to Integration page > Screening > Checkr. Shown below is an example of a package with screen types supported only via the Checkr-hosted flow: 


Screen types supported only via Checkr-hosted applicant consent flow:

  • Drug Screenings
  • Occupational Health Screenings
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Credit Reports
  • Professional License Verification


Reach out to your CSM or to enable Checkr-hosted applicant consent flow feature on your account. If enabled all applicants will use Checkr-hosted workflow.

Also note that the Checkr-hosted applicant consent flow does not function if you are using the Checkr Account Hierarchy feature in your Checkr account. You can contact your Checkr account manager to have the Account Hierarchy feature disabled in order to utilize the Checkr-hosted applicant consent flow.

Unsupported ScreenTypes

Some screen types are not supported by Fountain. If a package contains one of the below screen types, a Warning will appear beside the screen type and package. It can be viewed by going to Integration page > Screening > Checkr. An example package with unsupported screen type: 


Screen types Fountain currently does not support:

  • International Criminal Search
  • International Education Verification
  • International Employment Verification
  • International Global Watchlist Search

Notifications (Optional)

Depending on your workflow setup, you may want to notify either the applicant or the Opening owner on the status of the report. If you choose to collect the consent first and run the background check later, we recommend notifying the applicant so they are aware that their report has begun.


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