Applicant Table allows you to manage the applicants in a single Opening stage by stage. This visualization of the workflow makes it easier to see how applicants are moving through the workflow as well as assessing the health and efficiency of your funnel.  

What's Covered


Getting to the new Applicant Table

To navigate to the Universal Applicant View, click on Applicants on the top navigation bar, and select Applicants


Switch to another Opening

  1. Click on the Opening name on the top of the table. 
  2. Select the Opening from the dropdown list. You can also use the search box to look for Openings by location name, address, or position/job name. 


View Applicants in each Stage

Click on the different stages on the top bar above the table to see the applicants that is in the stage. Notice the stages are in the order that you built your workflow, this gives you the visual of how the applicants are moving through through the funnel (from left to right). The approved, reject, and on hold stage will be to the right. mceclip2.png

In each stage, you'll see the type of stage, number of applicants that is in the stage, and a Preview of what the stage looks like on the applicant portal



Search Applicants

If you are looking for specific applicants  either you can do so in two ways:

The search applicant box allows you to find individuals by name, email, phone number, or data on the applicant profile. You can even put in multiple search words by separating it with a comma (,). For example, you want to find all the applicants with the name "Frank" and have "Truck" on their profile; simply type "frank, truck". Note that anyone with "truck" will show up, that includes emails and name.  So if you are searching specifically to those who answered "truck" for the question with data key "car_type", use the advance filter.


Additional Settings

The setting buttonmceclip6.pngon top of the table gives you some additional settings and actions. This includes: 


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