This functionality of advance filtering of applicants is only available on the Master Applicant View and the New Applicant Table. If you are still using the original Applicant Table, please go to this article on filters

The Applicant Profile is where you can see everything about an individual's submitted application. To access the profile, click on an applicantโ€™s name in the Applicant Table or the Master Applicant View and the profile panel will open up to the right.



Profile Anatomy

On the very top is a quick snapshot of what the applicant has completed with their status on stage completion, scheduled appointments, background check, documents signed, etc. 
Notes are for you and your teammates to leave an internal note about the applicant i.e. "Applicant called about his application". These notes are only visible to your team not the applicant. To add a note, simply click on Add note and click Save when you're done. 
This section houses all of the data fields that the applicant have submitted in a Data Collection Stage or data that a user manually inputed on the profile. Only users with the permissions to "Manage Applicants" can edit applicants' data by hovering over the response and clicking on the edit icon. Make sure the information is accurate before saving, there is no undo and you will not be able to retrieve the previous value.
Empty Fields
These are data fields that have no value. These fields are empty for a few reasons a) the applicant haven't reached that data collection stage so they have not submitted any information for those fields yet. b) these are previous data keys that were added to a data collection stage but have since been removed from the workflow. Previous applicants would still have this field but new incoming applicants will never fill this field out. 
Secure Data
These are secure data fields that were submitted in a Data Collection Stage where the question was a secure standard question (ie. gender, income information, identification numbers). Only users with permission to "Access secure data" can see this section.
Messages Tab
This tab shows the SMS message history between you/teammates and the applicant. Rather using the Action dropdown to send a one time SMS, you can use the message tab to have a more conversational chat.
History Tab
The History tab allows you to see all of the movements and actions the applicant or users have made. Actions are trackable by date, medium (email/SMS), type (scheduler, background check, data collection), and the user who performed the action. Additionally, all sent SMS, emails, etc. can be viewed from this tab.
Files Tab
The Files tab contains all of the documents uploaded to the applicant's profile, this can be files the applicant uploaded during a Data Collection Stage, or if a user manually uploads it. This is where you can review the documents, approve or recollect it. 


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