This feature is only available on the Master Applicant View and the New Applicant Table. If you are still using the original Applicant Table, please go to this article on actions

You can to perform wide range of action on applicants such as sending email, SMS, moving the applicant, uploading a file. These actions are accessible from the table or from the Applicant Profile. You can perform actions on a single applicant or select a few and perform a bulk action.


What's Covered


Getting to the Action Menu

From the Applicant Table or Master Applicant View, click on mceclip3.pngon the right side to the applicant.


From the Applicant Profile, click on mceclip3.pngon top of the profile.mceclip4.png


Types of Action 

Send Email and Text/SMS

You can send SMS and email messages to applicants by selecting on Send Email or Send Text/SMS . This will pull up the screen for you to compose your message or load a template by clicking on mceclip13.png.  You can add an image or use merge keys by clicking on mceclip12.png. To edit the email in HTML code, click on mceclip14.png.


You can also choose to delay the sending of the message by checking the box below the body. Delay sending is scheduled to send at applicant's Opening time zone, unless you're performing a bulk send on Master Applicant  View, which will be scheduled based on user's time zone. 

Unsubscribe/Resubscribe from message
You can manually unsubscribe or resubscribe applicants to email and SMS. Learn more here.
Resend Stage Message
Sometimes applicants missed the stage message, you can manually send that stage message again by click on Resend [STAGE TYPE] Message.
Move or Reject Applicant
There are three option when moving applicants: Move to Next StageMove to Stage..., or Move to Opening.  Upon clicking on one of the action, a confirmation will appear where you can with some options depending on the destination of the move. For Reject and On hold, you have the option to select a reason


Another option is Perform additional actions, if any, that is associated to the destination. This can be a stage messages, or creating signature requests. To preview the full message, you can click on mceclip10.png .

Moving Applicants to Past Stages

For in-depth information on moving applicants, click here.

Print Data or Scorecards
If you want the applicant's information in a pdf form, you can print it with Print data. You can choose whether you want to a pdf of the entire application or just a specific stage. The pdf automatically downloads after you choose which one you want to download. To print the scorecard and notes, select Print Scorecards.
Score Applicant
You have the ability to score applicants based on a number system. Learn more here.
Upload File
Applicants can upload files via a data collection stage, but you can also manually upload a file.
Edit Applicant
If for any reason you need to edit an applicant's contact information and name, click on Edit Applicant in the action menu. You will be directed to this page:

Once you are done editing, click Submit. If you want to edit other information, check the Show account custom keys. You will then see a list of fields with data key titles. You can also click Add additional info on the bottom. Give a a data key and value just like you would when adding a new question in the Data Collection Stage.

To make changes to submitted details on the applicants, go to the details section in the applicant profile to edit.
Delete Applicant
We do not recommend deleting applicants, as it is extremely difficult to get that information back after you deleted them. We suggest that you only delete duplicate applicants. However, you should review duplicate applicant profiles; if the information in the profiles differs, then you should consider consolidating all of the information into one profile before deleting the duplicate.


Bulk Action 

To take action on more than one applicant, select the applicants you want to perform an action on. 

  1. There a few ways to select applicants for bulk action:
    Select One by One Select by Page Select All

    Check the box next to the applicant on the left side. 


  2. Choose the action you want to take on these applicants. You can bulk assign user, email, send SMS, Move to Next Stage (only available on Applicant table not on MAV), Move to Opening.., reject, and delete. 



Large Bulk Action Takes Time 

Bulk actions on large number of applicants will take time for our system to process. We may give you warnings like this: mceclip9.pngPlease be patient and consider performing bulk actions in smaller batches. 

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