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Navigating to the Action Menu

You may access the Action menu from either the Dashboard view (Applicant Table or Universal Applicant View) or from an Applicant's Profile.

From the Applicant Table or Universal Applicant View, click the 3 dots icon to the left of the Applicant Name to reveal a list of potential actions.



Alternatively, from within an Applicant Profile, click More actions button



Types of Actions 

Edit Applicant

Best practice is to navigate to the Applicant Profile to add or edit information directly. Picklist values will be displayed here for easy reference.  

To instead edit from the Dashboard view, click Edit Applicant to be directed to this page:

Once you are done editing, click Save

Delete Applicant
We strongly suggest that you do not delete an Applicant unless they are a duplicate, as it is extremely difficult to recover their information once deleted. In the case of deleting duplicates, we suggest that you first copy the information from all duplicates into a single profile, then delete those that remain. It is generally best to keep the Applicant that is furthest along in the Application, as they likely have the most complete profile and have passed through the most cost-incurring stages.
Should you merge applicants and keep only one duplicate Applicant Profile, it is helpful to send the Applicant either an SMS or Email to let them know, and to separately Resend their current stage landing message so they have a direct link through which to resume their application.
Upload File
While Applicants may only upload files from within a Data Collection stage or in response to a File recollection message, Users may manually upload a file to an Applicant's profile at any time. 
Score Applicant
Create a custom scorecard and score Applicants based on a number system or criteria of your choosing. Learn more here.
Print Data or Scorecard
If you would like to print or download a PDF of an Applicant Profile, select Print data. You may either print information from the entire application or limit this to a specific stage's information. A PDF will automatically download after you make a selection. To print the scorecard and notes, select Print Scorecards.
Send Email and Text/SMS
Send SMS and email messages to applicants by selecting Send Email or Send Text/SMS. From here, you may create a new message or click the paper icon to load a template.  Add an image or use merge keys by clicking on the key icon


Delay sending a message by checking the box below the message body. When delaying a single message, it will be scheduled according to the Applicant's Opening time zone. However, if delaying a bulk send from the Universal Applicant View, messages are scheduled according to the User's time zone.

You can search and apply a template in the message thread on the applicant profile by clicking the + icon.


Unsubscribe/Resubscribe from Receiving Messages
Learn more about unsubscribing and resubscribing Applicants to Email and SMS here.
Resend Stage Message
Resend a stage message by clicking on Resend [STAGE TYPE] Message. This provides Applicants with direct access to their current stage in the Application.
Move Applicant to Another Stage
Move an Applicant in any of three ways: Move to Next StageMove to Stage ..., or Move to Opening ....  For in-depth information on moving applicants, click here. Note that not all stages will function upon an Applicant revisiting.
Upon selecting an action, a message will appear asking whether you would like to Perform additional actions associated with the destination stage. It is very important that you uncheck this box if you would not like to perform additional actions with a stage transition. These actions include but are not limited to:
  • Send the Automated email or SMS stage messages that is associated with the destination stage. To preview this message, click on the eye icon.


  • Create a signature request upon an applicant landing in a Document Signing Stage.
  • Select the On Hold or Rejection reason accordingly, upon an applicant landing in either stage.


Bulk Actions 

  1. There a few ways to select Applicants for a Bulk Action:

    Select One by One
     Select by Page Select All

    Check the box next to the Applicant on the left side. 


  2. Choose the action you would like to take. Bulk Assign User, Send Email, Send SMS, Move to Next Stage (only available on Applicant table not on UAV), Move to Opening.., Reject, or Delete. 



Large Bulk Actions Take Time 

Bulk actions on large numbers of applicants will take time for our system to process. We may give you warnings like this:


You can now perform actions on an unlimited number of applicants in the applicant table! For optimal performance, consider performing bulk actions in smaller batches. 

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