Sometimes it's hard to keep track of who is responsible for what when there are so many teammates working on the same pool of applicants. Collaborate better in teams by assigning individual applicants to a user.

What's Covered

Assign User to an Applicant

  1. Click on + next to the applicant you wish to assign a user to.  
  2. Select the user from the dropdown list. You can also search by name. Users that are not assignable will not show up on this dropdown. 

Not Assignable Users

Only users with permission to: a) view and manage applicants b) have access to the Opening/Stage that the applicant is in, can be assigned to an applicant. 

Removing Assigned User

To reassign to another user, simply select a new user. To remove all assigned user, select the name of the user that was assigned. Bulk un-assigning is not available at this time.

Bulk Assign User

You can bulk assign multiple applicants to one user. 

  1. Select the applicants you wish to assign a user to. Click on the check box next to the applicant name, or the check box on the table header to select the full page. 

    To select all the applicants in the stage or view, click Select All on the bulk action bar at the bottom of the window. Assign_user_3.png
  2. Click on the Assign_user_4.png icon.
  3. Select the user from the dropdown. 



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