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File Status Label

After the applicant uploads a file, they automatically get a Review Files status label next to their name. You can click on the blue status label for the next action.


Best Practice: Document Reviewing

We recommend setting a point in the application process where document reviewing occurs. You don't want to overload your team by reviewing every file that comes in. Instead, find a point where file reviewing should occur (ie. on the Background Check Stage while the background check is running or add a Custom Stage to your workflow designated for reviewing applicants and their documents.  

Review Files

After an applicant uploads a file in a Data Collection Stage, you can review them inside the applicant Profile.

  1. Click on the blue status label that says Review FIles.
  2. The Applicant Profile with the File tab will open up. 
  3. You can zoom in, rotate to get a better view of the document. Use the scrolling to move the image around when zoomed in. If need be, you can download the file by clicking the down arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the image.
  4. Once you have a chance to review the document, then make a decision on the document: either approve or recollect


Approve  Recollect

Click the Approve button. This will approve the file and the Review Files status label will disappear. To undo an approve, you can click on Unapprove.


Approve after Recollecting

Once you have successfully recollected a file from the applicant, the Review Files status label will reappear. You will approve or recollect as you did before.


Manual Upload File for Applicant

Sometimes you have to upload a file for an applicant may it be technical difficulty from the applicant's side or that you have a document you created for the applicant. A manual file upload for a file that is recollecting will override the recollection.

    1. Click the 3 dots button on the Applicant Table or the More Actions button within the Applicant's profile. 
    2. Select Upload File.
    3. Choose a Data Key that pertains to what document you are uploading. Note: the data key is the same key you set on the file upload question in the Data Collection Stage. 

    4. Choose a file from your computer. 
    5. Click Upload.

Overwrite File

Choosing the same data key as another file already on the applicant's profile will overwrite the existing file. If you have a secondary document, you would want to create a new data key that is different. Learn more about Keys in the Data Collection Stage here

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