Status Labels with Quick Actions

Interactive Status labels in the applicant table provides contextual information with labeled actions, so recruiters can easily monitor the candidates progress and determine if there are any items that require their attention. 

Watch the following video for an overview of Status Labels:

What's Covered?

Status Labels Color Key

Color Status Label Details

Yellow: Half Circle Icon


Not Started

The applicant and/or third party have not started the required task.

Purple: Partial Dial Icon


In Progress

An action is under way by the applicant, third party, or another user.

Blue: Caret >


Action Needed

You (the user) need to complete a task that you're solely responsible for.

Green: Check Icon



The task has been completed by all responsible parties. No further actions are required.

Red: Triangle Error Icon



This can be an error or an unsuccessful outcome. An action may be taken to resolve it.

Text on Status Labels

The text on status labels is designed to display the most important details relevant to the status and associated tasks required. For example, when an applicant is scheduled for an upcoming meeting or interview the date and time is displayed so you can prepare for that meeting.

On the contrary if the applicant has canceled the meeting, the history or the amount of times the applicant has rescheduled, will be present when you select the status label and/or visit the applicant's profile. (Add a note for the max reschedule setting available in the scheduler stage.)


The number of times the event has been rescheduled will only be visible on the status label if the setting for max reschedule restriction is turned on in the scheduler stage setting.

Take Actions via Status Labels

If additional actions are available on the status labels, the status label will have a caret (>) which indicates that it can be selected, and additional information is available.


When you select the caret (>) on any status labels, there may be additional actions available once you select them.

Specific Examples of Status Label Use Cases                                    

Status_labels_7.png Red: Not Completed/ Error
This status label indicates that additional actions are required, and the task is currently incomplete.

An applicant may have canceled their appointment or interview. The details regarding how many times they've rescheduled will be available when you click it.

Status_labels_9.png Blue: Action Required
You, the user, are required to take action and complete a task. 

For example, once an applicant schedules a meeting, the status label will turn blue, prompting you to mark or update the attendance records for that meeting.
A document that requires your signature in order to complete it.


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