Managing applicants is a big part of recruiting, even if you have read the article on how to build a good workflow and leveraging all the automation, there are still tasks you need to do. Sometimes the applicant sent the wrong document, or if they called in and try to change something on their application. Perhaps your company is ramping up hiring and need to do something creative to get your applicants moving through the funnel, so you might want to send additional communication. These are all part of the process of hiring and we're here to help make those task a little easier and more efficient. 

What's Covered

Where to Manage Applicants

There are two views to help you manage applicants: 

  • The Applicant Table allows you to managing the applicants in a single Opening stage by stage. This is visualization of the workflow makes it easier to see how applicants are moving through the workflow as well as assessing the health and efficiency of your funnel.  
  • The Universal Applicant View (UAV) allows you to view and manage a full list of all your applicants across Openings. 

Depending on your preference and what you're trying to do, one view may suit you better at different times. For teams where each person is responsible for a specific Opening, the Applicant Table  might suit the users better. For a manager who overseas all the Openings, Universal Applicant View (UAV) may be more flexible. There is no right or wrong and we recommend you try out both. 

Regardless of which views you decide on, both provides a birds-eye's view of each applicant and their status, allows you to assign a user to the applicant, and filter for applicants. 

How to Manage Applicants

Every applicant that applies to one of your Opening has an applicant profile that houses all the information they have submitted. Typically companies will have some process in place to ensure a level of quality, they may: 

When reviewing is completed, the applicant is then moved to the appropriate stage.




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